E X P E R I E N C E  &  D E S I G N  P H I L O S O P H Y

Individually, and as a firm, FDA experience covers a complete range of project types:

  • Hospital facilities

  • Bank facilities

  • Churches

  • Educational facilities

  • Laboratory facilities

  • Military facilities

  • High End Residential

  • Interior Design

  • Signage

  • Space satellite assembly building

  • Gas station & Convenience store design

  • Restaurants

Individual Experience

Architect Frank Dachille apprenticed and practiced architecture with the firm of Rea, Hayes, Large and Suckling in Altoona, Pennsylvania, in areas of:

  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Code compliance
  • Residences

While employed as a part-time staff Architect at Conemaugh Valley Memorial Hospital, Frank Dachille provided complete professional design services for many projects, some of which include:

  • Signage

  • Patient unit renovations

  • Radiology department renovations

  • Nuclear medicine suite

  • G. I. laboratory

  • Medical Records

  • Outpatient surgery

  • Meeting rooms and lobby renovations

  • Outpatient registration

  • Outpatient testing

  • Family practice suite

  • Various re-roofing projects

  • Nursing education renovations

  • Parking lot developments

  • Administrative area renovations

  • Emergency room renovations

Architect H. F. Turnbull, Jr. apprenticed and practiced architecture with the firm of Hunter, Heiges and Associates in Meadville, Pennsylvania, in areas of:

  • Schools
  • Banks
  • Municipal buildings

Architect Gregory J. Watt brings to the firm fourteen years of experience with Johnstown Architects and predecessor firms in areas of:

  • Hospital
  • Housing
  • Office buildings
  • Churches

Firm's Experience

In association with H. F. Lenz Co., Frank Dachille Architects has provided architectural design services for numerous projects:

  • Post Office alterations

  • School windows and roof replacements

  • Military computer facility, Officer's Club

  • Power plant office building addition

  • Army depot building additions and alterations

  • Boiler house construction

  • Federal bank building renovations

  • Maintenance Facilities

As architects for Lee Hospital, Frank Dachille Architects has provided numerous design services, including:

  • New stair tower, elevator and lobby

  • Radiation oncology, 21 MEV accelerator

  • New skywalk and lobby addition

  • Office building exterior replacement

  • Interior design and space planning

  • Gift shop design

As architects for U. S. Bank, we have completed various construction, interior design, graphics, and planning projects.

  • New drive-in banking facility

  • Branch office renovations

  • ATM installations

  • Signage design

  • Furniture design

  • Interior design

  • ADA compliance renovations

  • Trust Department Renovations

As architects for Nason Hospital, in Roaring Spring, PA., FDA has completed a considerable number of projects including:

  • Canopy, lobby and boardroom additions

  • Health center and physician office buildings

  • Maternity renovations and additions

  • Master Planning

  • Signage and graphics projects

  • Radiology and CT scan renovations

  • Physical therapy renovations

  • Operating room, lab and central supply renovations

  • Heliport

  • MRI addition

As architects for Johnstown Presbyterian Home, FDA completed the following projects:

  • New apartment building and townhouses

  • Office Building Reconstruction

  • Skilled nursing addition and alterations

  • Kitchen addition and alterations

  • Certificate of need application

As architects for Crown American Hotels, FDA has completed many hotel renovations and additions.

  • Exterior reconstruction
  • Commercial building additions

Engineering Consultants

Following consultation with Owners, Engineering Consultants are selected based on their abilities and suitability for each project.

Engineering consultants employed by our office often include:

Additional Consultants

When determined as appropriate by the architects and owner, consultants are employed to assure proper expertise is applied to all issues of design. The in-house staff of FDA provides the nucleus of the design team with various consultants providing needed assistance. These consultants may include:

  • Food Service Designers

  • Acoustical Engineers

  • Testing Laboratories

  • Surveying Engineers

  • Estimating Personnel

  • Radiation Physicists

  • Roofing Consultants

  • Fire Protection Engineers

  • Interior Designers

  • Process Engineers

  • Chemists

  • Health Care Planners

  • Engineers

  • Archeologists

Interior Design

Due to past successful work on interiors, the majority of our clients rely on us for interior design and selection of furnishings. Exemplary of our interior design capabilities are:

  • U.S. Bank Headquarters Building - Trust Department

  • Laurel Bank

  • Indiana Regional Medical Center

  • First Summit Bank Unity Township

  • Western PA Orthopedics & Sports Medicine

  • Ophthalmic Associates Optical Shop and Offices

  • Johnstown Presbyterian Home

  • Nason Hospital Maternity Wing

  • Doctors Pike and England Offices


Superior working relationships among various design members have always been the aim of Frank Dachille Architects.

The client's representative, the project architect, and  Frank Dachille, constitute the primary  working team for each project. Other team members, including the architect's staff and other consultants as agreed to by the client, are included on the team as deemed appropriate.


Repeat Business

With FDA's emphasis on the complete and careful execution of each phase of the design and construction process, our clients have demonstrated their appreciation by continued employment of our firm.