D E S I G N   B U I L D



The "Design Build" process of construction is becoming more common place. The Design Bid Build traditional process is more familiar to many. When the "Design Build" process is used; the Architect, Engineer, and Contractor team is first assembled. Then using the attributes of each team member and with the Owners contribution, the design solution is developed. A final construction price and schedule is determined, and a single contract for the construction is signed. The project is completed and only "change in scope" changes affect the Owners final cost.

Should a sophisticated client wish to proceed in the "Design Build" manner Frank Dachille Architects PC (FDA PC) is pleased to assemble a team, selected in concert with the Owners desires to provide the project delivery. FDA PC has experience with many contractors and engineers and thus the best team with the most appropriate members can be assembled.


Owner defines need and provides site information.

FDA PC and Owner assemble Design Build Team.

Team provides conceptual plan and budget.

Conceptual plan is refined to meet Owners desires.

Owner accepts conceptual plan and agrees to budget.

Owner agrees to cost for FDA PC to develop detailed preliminary plan; and agrees to formula to be used for determining project cost.

The Team, with Owner’s input, finalizes preliminary plan.

The Team develops final project cost to Owner and schedule.

The Owner agrees to final cost and schedule.

FDA PC and the engineer complete detailed construction documents and begin regulatory agency approval process.

The project is constructed and Grand Opening held!



The Architect, Contractor, and Engineer are selected by the Owner initially. The construction schedule is shortened. The design is enhanced and cost reduced by contractor input during design phase. The final cost to the Owner is established prior to the expenditure of producing complete contract documents.