H E A L T H   C A R E   R E L A T E D   P R O J E C T S


Windber Medical Center
Windber, PA

This challenging project encompassed the site development, building design, and interior design for Windber Medical Center eight bed hospice facility. The 8,000 square foot department was constructed to be medically state-of-the-art and aesthetically first class to provide a comfortable atmosphere and to accommodate the needs for these particular patients and patients' families.
Cost: $1,345,777
Contractor: Straw Construction Co., Inc.

Maternity Expansion
Nason Hospital
Roaring Spring, PA

In 1990, the standard maternity patient rooms were converted to LDRP rooms, which resulted in four LDRP rooms and one standard maternity patient room.  The intent of this project was to provide for two growing needs of Nason Hospital .  Those being, the need for additional LDRP Maternity Rooms and the need for additional space for Community Nursing Service functions. While the total project size was 2,800 square feet, only approximately 600 square feet consisted of renovation efforts.
Contractor: Ralph J. Albarano & Sons, Inc.

New Building Veneer and Interior Design of Medical Arts
Johnstown Medical Development Corporation
Johnstown, PA

This project consisted of removing the unsatisfactory existing siding of the entire building and replacing it with a new Exterior Insulation Finish System for a 44,900 square foot building. Creating a signature building effect, this project coordinates the unique building design with a modern new veneer and complimentary accent stripes. Also, the interior development of  Medical Arts building providing complete design for turn key occupancy of doctor's offices, electronic data processing, gift shop and restaurant, and home nursing services office.
Cost: $3,375,000

Building Addition
Western PA Orthopedics and Sports Medicine
Johnstown, PA

This project features two parts, the first of which was a 1,200 square foot addition constructed as a wood-framed building with a full basement, and the second part included 2,250 square feet of interior alterations, as well as repairs and replacements for the existing HVAC system. Site improvements for this project included demolition of an existing wood frame building, enlarging a parking lot and repaving drives to provide new parking areas.
Contractor: Straw Construction Co., Inc.

Bedroom and Dining Addition
Country Living Estates
Sidman, PA

This project consisted of a 4,500 square foot addition to an existing personal care home and provides bedrooms for approximately 18 clients. Additionally, an office, bathing facilities, a lounge area, and a large dining room were included. The design resulted in exterior spaces useful for safe outdoor areas accessible to the clients. Low cost, simplified basic construction was used, however, with excellent interior design and finishes, a most satisfactory facility has resulted.
Cost: $383,268 Contractor: Major Builders

Southern Cove Medical Center
Nason Hospital
Roaring Spring, PA

Complete design of this 5,100 square foot Medical Arts Building houses a large Doctor's Office, Home Health Nursing Agency, and a Pharmacy/Convenience Store. The project included a new entrance drive, thirty-car parking area, complete landscaping, signage, and appropriate built-in cabinetry. The design featured the use of materials indigenous of the area, stone masonry, brick siding and metal roofing.
Contractor: Hench Brothers, Inc.

New Physicians Office Building
Dr. Judy Carrier, MD
(presently offices for Dr. Roy Warren, MD)

This 3,300 square foot building was designed to facilitate the practice of two physicians. In addition to the standard spaces found in a physician's office, we also included an x-ray room, a special procedures room and a counseling room. A sky lighted, raised ceiling core allows efficient organization of spaces, natural lighting, greenery, and a means of visual orientation.
Contractor: Major Builders

Intermediate Care Facility
Presbyterian Home of the Redstone Presbytery
Johnstown, PA

This 11,200 square foot expansion of a 20-bed ICF wing into a 40-bed wing resulted in economic viability, attainment of desired environmental quality, and the resolution of many practical space shortages. Due to the consideration for patient and staff needs, patient rooms are larger than code or regulations dictate. Likewise, the location, arrangement, and interior design of associated spaces reflects functional, physical, and social needs. The sloped site allowed a lower level containing four apartments, utility spaces, and laundry facilities to be constructed. Access is by elevator.
Cost: $1,200,000
Contractor: Berkebile Bros., Inc.

Behavioral Health
Indiana Regional Medical Center
Indiana, PA

A 14,000 square foot second story addition to house a new Behavioral Health unit was developed for the existing hospital facility. Many features of the design incorporate special saftey needs necessary to accommodate the residents, while still providing a homey atmosphere. Our design team provided full standard architectural services, prelimary design, contract document preparation, interior design and project administration for this $2,310,000 project.
Contractor:   Bridges General Contractors

Wound Clinic
Indiana Regional Medical Center
Indiana, PA

Converted space in an off campus building into an equipment-ready facility.


3,200 sq. ft.




Bridges General Contractors

Radiology and Outpatient Addition
Nason Hospital
Roaring Spring, PA 16673

The Nason Hospital Radiology / Outpatient building addition was designed to provide for the enlargement of the hospitals' Radiology and Outpatient Services Departments.  The completed building includes a CT Scan Suite, Education Room, Mammography, Stress Test Room, EKG, Echocardiography, two Ultrasound Rooms, Dexa Scanner, HSKP, EEG/Sleep/EMGG/NCV Suite, Pulmonary Function Testing, and an Outpatient Laboratory.


                 Data:      7,400 sq. ft.

                 Cost:      $661,800.00

       Contractor:      Ralph J. Albarano & Sons, Inc.



New Recovery Room Suite

Nason Hospital

Roaring Spring, PA  16673


With the existing Recovery Room fast becoming inadequate due to the growing number of out-patient surgeries, the changing complexity and size of equipment and nursing needs, a new Recovery Room Suite was created.  

This new Recovery Room Suite now occupies the vacated Labor and Delivery Suite and was designed to provide ample workspaces for the requisite areas such as: Nurses work and charting area and clean and soiled utilities.  New lighting, medical gases and new finishes were also installed.  Minor changes to the adjacent Operating Room, such as relocating the scrub sink, flash sterilizer and blanket heater, were made.  The Anesthesiologist and Anesthesia work area were also relocated from the existing Operating Room to the new Recovery Room Suite.


                Data:      2,800 sq. ft.


      Contractor:      Ralph J. Albarano & Sons, Inc.


Obstetrical Suite Addition and Relocation
Windber Medical Center
Windber, PA 

The owner's objective was to incorporate the hospitals existing Maternity and Labor and Delivery Department into a new Obstetrical Suite.  Our project included renovating the existing Maternity Department and constructing a 1,300 square foot addition.  This was the first phase of a three-phase departmental relocation project, which would allow the hospital the space needed for a new Short Procedure Unit.  Frank Dachille Architects provided design, construction drawings, oversaw project management, and assisted in obtaining state approvals and occupancy permits.


                  Data:      1,300 sq. f.t. Addition; 4,500 sq. ft. Renovation

                 Cost:      $700,644

       Contractor:      Straw Construction Co., Inc.  

Sprinkler System
Nason Hospital
Roaring Spring, PA  16673 


This project was to provide a complete sprinkler system for the existing hospital complex, which is a clustered group of dissimilar buildings totaling 100,600 square feet.  This work was completed with minimal disruption to the hospitals functions.  An excellent contractor and hospital facilities director contributed greatly to this successful project.


                Cost:      $253,921

Haida Manor Addition
Beverly Enterprises
Hastings, PA  16646

Physical and Occupational Therapy and storage addition, approx. 62' x 40', conversion of existing Central Storage to Staff Lounge and Medical Records, Conversion of Patient Storage to Central Supply, Conversion of Physical and Occupational Therapy to Family Visitation, and Development of fenced Patio Area, Sidewalks, and Parking Area.


                 Data:      2,480 sq. ft.

                 Cost:      $126,192