H E A L T H   C A R E   R E L A T E D   P R O J E C T S

New Stair Tower, Elevator, Lobby, & Radiation Oncology Department
Lee Hospital
Johnstown, PA

This building rehabilitation project provides a new stair tower, large elevator, grade level lobby, and first floor interior renovations. A new vault to house a 21 MEV Linear Accelerator for Lee Hospital's Radiation Oncology Department of the first floor is provided. The design for this project utilizes a new E.I.F.S. system on the entire rear face of the building to achieve an attractive and complimentary exterior for the entire building.
Cost: $866,520
Contractor: KB Building

Skywalk and Lobby Addition
Lee Hospital
Johnstown, PA

Lee Hospital's purchase of a seven-story building required the construction of a connecting bridge for safe and convenient access. A large 2,000 square foot skylighted "sky lobby" was designed to provide a comfortable respite for patients and families using the connected buildings. Deep foundations were excavated under the existing parking garage using specialized equipment. Columns to support the addition and the bridge were extended through an existing parking deck.
Cost: Major Builders, Inc.

Renovations to the Kitchen and various other Projects
Conemaugh Valley Memorial Hospital
Johnstown, PA

  • Renovations to the Kitchen - 4,300 sq. ft.

  • Health Science Library - 8,600 sq. ft.

  • "K" Building Addition - 5,500 sq. ft.

  • "L" Building Addition - 7,400 sq. ft.

  • Laboratory Office & Computer Facility Room - 2,800 sq. ft.


Frank Dachille Architects provided the conceptual, architectural, engineering, and interior design for this service building, which is integrated into an existing complex.  The building houses a variety of offices, locker rooms, and storage facilities.  

Renovations to 6th Floor Pediatrics Department
Conemaugh Valley Memorial Hospital
Johnstown, PA

This 9,000 square foot major renovation project provided a single facility for patients previously utilizing two hospitals. It was designed to facilitate the most excellent care possible. Many unique features are incorporated into the project such as: parents' overnight accommodations, child scaling of furniture and spaces, intensive pediatric care facility, high visibility of patient beds and segregation of older pediatric patients in appropriately decorated areas. The design solution effectively utilizes the limited and outdated spacial configuration to achieve the contemporary needs.
Contractor: Jonel Construction Company

CT Scanning Facility
Laurel Scanning Associates
Johnstown, PA

This facility is a 1,200 square foot renovation of an existing space to house the sophisticated CT Scanning equipment, to accommodate the facilities staff, patients and families of the patients. Due to the small amount of space available, the intricate design reflects both the tight space requirements and the highly technical machine characteristics. However, the effort was made to incorporate finishes which would bring warmth and familiarity to the patients and staff.
Contractor: Major Builders, Inc.

Ophthalmic Associates
Johnstown, PA

A new 45,000 square foot state-of-the-art office facility for a large, four doctor group practice using an existing building shell. The design emphasizes functional doctor and staff work areas, an integrated optical shop, a pleasantly large waiting area and a crisp and colorful decor. Large brightly painted utility ducts play against a reflected aluminum background and bright contemporary seating serve as unifying decorative elements. Calm, rich, natural colors and textures are prevalent in walls, floors, ceilings and additional furnishings. Custom casework was designed to meet the many unique needs of the practice. The existing HVAC was modified to meet the new building use.
Contractor: Major Builders, Inc.

New Physicians Office Building
Nason Hospital
Holidaysburg, PA

This complete construction project consisted of a single story, wood frame
building approximately 2,300 square feet.
Cost: $216,631
Contractor: Ralph J. Albarano & Sons, Inc.

New Physicians Office Building
Nason Hospital
Roaring Spring, PA

This new 1,700 square foot building provided Nason Hospital with a doctor's obstetric and gynecology facility to expand services to the community while sited to provide easy access to the main hospital campus. The coordination of the exterior design with existing structures served to achieve an attractive and complimentary addition to the hospital complex.
Contractor: Ralph J. Albarano & Sons, Inc.

New Heliport
Nason Hospital
Roaring Spring, PA

Mission: In and out, fast, and safely meeting all Federal FAA and State Department of Transportation rules, regulations and standards.

John Kinney, Hospital President, provided leadership for this project to better fulfill Nason Hospital's community service role. Features of this landing facility include controllable lighting designed to illuminate obstructions nearby, intensely colored concrete to avoid problems of painted surfaces, and "unpleasant" walking surfaces of large rocks to dissuade spectators from approaching aircraft.


Additional Projects

Beverly Enterprises
  • HAIDA Manor Addition
Butler County Memorial Hospital
  • Administration Office Renovations
  • Dining Room Renovations
CAMCO Orthopedic and Sports Rehabilitation, P.C.
  • New Office Renovations
Conemaugh Valley Memorial Hospital
  • Building Addition for Offices and Kitchen
  • Building Addition for Physical Therapy
  • Cafeteria Renovations
  • Ebensburg Medwell Addition
  • F & G Building Elevators
  • Gift Shop/Snack Bar Renovations
  • Lab Consolidation
  • Library Renovations
  • Maternity Renovations
  • Nursing Residence Renovations
Diebert Street Medical Center
  • Office Renovations
Indiana Hospital
  • Additional Space Development
  • Electric Equipment and Switchboard Room Addition
  • Temporary Classroom Installation
Lazer, Jack & Bender, Edward (DMD)
  • New Dentist Office Addition and Renovations
Lee Hospital
  • Emergency Room Renovations
  • Gift Shop/Snack Bar Renovations
  • Medical Records Renovations
  • Operating Room Renovations
  • Radiology Room Renovations
  • Seven Story Stair Tower and Elevator Addition
  • Walnut Wing Make-up Air Unit
Major Builders
  • Hilltop Dental Associates PC
  • Office Building for Dr. Judy Carrier
Miners Hospital
  • 1st Floor Renovations
  • Radiology Renovations
  • Reroofing
Nason Hospital
  • Business Office Renovations
  • Central Supply
  • Community Nursing Department Renovations
  • Complete Building Sprinkler System
  • Entrance and Canopy Addition
  • Entrance Drive Signage Structure
  • E.R. and Waiting Room Addition
  • Interior Signage
  • Life Safety Code Renovations
  • Maternity Expansion and Renovations
  • Maternity Expansion Study
  • Maternity Renovations
  • Mobile C.T. Scan Dock
  • Nurses Stations Renovations
  • Patient Room Renovations
  • Penthouse/O.R. A/C
  • Physical Therapy Department
  • Physicans Office Building III
  • Physicians Office Building IV
  • Radiology Renovations
  • Recovery Room Renovations
  • Renovations for C.T. Dock
  • Reroofing Projects
  • Southern Cove Medical Center Building
  • Vestibule
Presbyterian Home
  • Activities Room Alterations
  • Apartment Building
  • Kitchen Addition
  • Sewage Problem
  • Intermediate Care Unit Renovation and Addition
Senior Choice
  • Patriot Manor - Personal Care Renovations
Windber Hospital
  • Ambulatory Surgery Renovations
  • Annex 2 Dr. Office Renovations
  • Annex 3 Home Nursing
  • CAD Facilities Plan
  • Cardiac Rehabilitation Renovations
  • Chapel Renovations
  • Emergency Room Renovations
  • Garage Addition Feasibility Study
  • Hospice Renovations
  • JCAHO Statement of Conditions
  • Long Range Facility Plan
  • Mobile Scanner Dock Addition
  • Office Area Renovations
  • Orris Parking Lot
  • Physical Therapy Renovations
  • Regulatory Compliance Enhancements